Why Choose a Dominion Representative

Why Choose a Dominion Representative

Prior to Representatives being engaged to represent Dominion Investor Services, Inc., they are subjected to a thorough screening process. This screening process includes a review of employment history and an analysis of their FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) Central Registration Depository records. Once it has been determined that their record meets Dominion's standards, they are interviewed at length to determine that they have the knowledge and attitude required to be a quality Representative.

Dominion assigns each Representative to a supervisor who is responsible for reviewing their business practices on an ongoing basis. Additionally, once they have joined Dominion, they are subject to Dominion's as well as FINRA's Continuing Education requirements.

Dominion requires the Representatives collect all pertinent information necessary to determine that the investments recommended are appropriate for meeting the clients' objectives. Dominion does not apply production pressure to our Representatives.

Dominion does not have any proprietary products and we do not offer our Representatives incentives to sell any particular product. We believe that investments should be matched to client needs and objectives. We believe that these needs and objectives should be determined through consultation.

A Dominion Representative has an excellent support team behind them with an experienced main office staff. We believe that this experience is crucial in today's fast-paced environment to provide the quality service that our clients require and is paramount given the wide array of situations that can occur with the variety of clients that are investing through Dominion.