Commission Payout

Commission Payout

Dominion has a competitive commission payout schedule, which we believe is the simplest and fairest commission structure of any independent firm. Our payouts start at a minimum of 50% and go as high as 90%. Where you will fall will depend on several factors: first, your volume; second, your experience and the level of support you will need; and third, your product mix. An experienced Representative, who requires a minimum amount of administrative support, with production in the range of $125,000 gross commissions with a favorable product mix can expect a 90% payout. If you are wondering what payout you will receive – give us a call and let's talk about it.
Some items of special note about the way we do business:
  • We will negotiate your payout as a group if you are located in the same office. In other words, if you and an associate decide you want to make the move to Dominion, we will total your individual production and use that number in determining your payout.

  • There is no convoluted matrix of different payouts for different types of products. We do not play games with your money. We want you to understand what you will be paid when you make a transaction.

  • There are no hidden fees for joining our firm. There are certain services to which you are obligated to subscribe:

    • Dominion is required to archive all of its Representatives emails.  You are required to use a domi email account for all business related purposes.  You are charged $25.00 per month per user email account.

    • If you have brokerage accounts held with Hilltop Securities, you are required to subscribe to Advisor EXP.  There is a monthly charge of $30.00 to access the platform.

  • We do charge a modest annual administration fee of $100 that covers miscellaneous fees we incur throughout the year..
  • Any regulatory fees will be passed on to the Representative.
  • With each paycheck, we provide copies of the commission statements from the companies from which we have received payment.