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About Dominion

Dominion Investor Services, Inc. is a full-service Broker-Dealer located in Horseshoe Bay, Texas.  We strive to provide the products and services you need to make your business succeed and the support to keep it running smoothly.

Dominion is constantly reviewing and adding products and services that meet our standards. 

We want you, the representative, to have access to what you need to meet the goals and objectives of each individual client. 

Every client is different.  What works for one cannot work for all.  Therefore, we will never push you to sell proprietary products and we do not expect you to meet quotas designed to improve our own bottom line

Good clients deserve good brokers who put the client first.

Strong customer service and compliance will always be our primary focus and we expect the same from our representatives.  Your sales volume is secondary to us. 

Dominion maintains a simple, yet competitive, commission payout schedule.  We do not rely on a complex matrix of sales by product type.  Our payouts are negotiated upfront based on your production level and the amount of service you require from us.

If you put your clients first, exercise compliant record keeping and maintain gainful production in your practice, you could be an excellent candidate for Dominion.

We are committed to a personal approach to business and investing.

Everyone deserves to speak to a real person and receive the same exceptional level of service and integrity.  Our one-on-one approach gives you the opportunity to speak with and get to know each of us, from the receptionist to the president and everyone in between.

Ultimately, Dominion Investor Services, Inc. wants you to feel like part of the family.  We will provide personable and professional service, reliable compliance and monitoring, high-quality product choices and a reputable broker-dealer to call home.

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