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Dominion offers a wide array of investment options to suit the objectives and goals of clients from all walks of life and through all stages of their lives. 


Below is a list of some of the many options we can provide: 

Traditional Brokerage Services for purchasing 

  • Equities 

  • Options 

  • Exchange Traded Funds 

  • Unit Investment Trusts 

  • Government, Corporate and Municipal Bonds 

  • Government securities including Agencies, T-Bills, and T-Notes 

  • Certificates of Deposit 


Mutual Funds 

  • Over 2500 Funds across more than 175 Fund Families 

  • Available through Brokerage Services or Direct Investment with the Fund Family 


Cash Management 

  • Money Market Funds 

  • Check Writing 

  • Visa Debit Cards 

  • ACH privileges 

  • Wire transactions 

  • Margin 


Educational IRAs and 529 Plans 


Self-Directed Retirement Accounts and Employer Sponsored Plans 


Fee Based Asset Management – via Dominion Portfolio Management  


Insurance Products 

  • Variable Life and Annuities 

  • Variable Universal Life 


Notary and Medallion Signature Guarantee Services 

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